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Miscellaneous Resources

This page is comprised of a series of annonatated links to other sites containing resources that might be of interest to the sort of person I expect to visit my site.

Making It Matter

Probably where I’m least unbiased on this site, these sites are nonetheless ones I’ve found to be very useful.

Online Education Resources

Higher education is slowly becoming more accessible to those outside the “system,” and a growing number of sites help with that access. Right now, I’m only posting a few of them, though.

Publicly-Accessible, Peer-Reviewed Journals and Research Clearing Houses

Accessing peer-reviewed journals outside of the ivory tower of academe is difficult. Although understandable given the business model of journals, this stymies the dissemination of research and the guidance it can offer. Scirus offers a rather useful search of scientific terms and open access articles.

Methods and Statistics

It means so much more when you know how much it matters.

Counselling and Therapy

I am not a trained therapist nor at all expert in this area. The few links I’m including below are to trusted resources for further information (I’ve reviewed them, and checked with other sources, e.g., Check Wedsite Safe). Nonetheless, please be sure to screen any technique or professional well. It is important to get help and to stick with a regimen, so be sure you find someone you can trust.

Word Smithing

Resources for writing, editing, etc.

Productivity/General Computer Use

Become a Friend of GNOME

Web Creation

Probably a worthless section as anyone who knows how to create websites knows much better than I where to look for info on it. Nonetheless writing this website on little more than Notepad, I’ve have had to learn some html, java, etc. Below are the sites I’ve found most useful in helping teach myself web design; including them here may help give a little more attention to them as thanks for the help they’ve given me.

Photo Gallery

This is simply an online collection of snap shots I’ve taken as I wander about. I am in no way a professional (or even very good) photographer. Nonetheless, I decided to link to it here just for fun.